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The 'reluctant hotel' that keeps on giving...

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An eclectic and eccentric home away from home, Lost Paradise Resort offers an escape from the bustle of downtown Penang. But what makes this resort extraordinary is that owners Dr Chew Yu Gee and Melody Chew run an inclusive school right in the middle of it, where children with special needs learn alongside their mainstream peers...

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Melody has always been passionate about special needs education, and after purchasing this piece of land, they started Lighthouse Academy, a not-for-profit school catered to special needs children. 

Lost Paradise Resort opened its doors in 2013, shortly after Dr Chew became sick and was unable to support the school with his earnings from his paediatric clinic. It has then been providing not just a financial income for Lighthouse Academy, but an enriching experience for the students as guests are invited to give short and inspiring speeches to the students in Lighthouse Academy. 

Come stay with us or even just drop by to experience it for yourself!


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The Lost Paradise Resort is the Best Hotel in Penang for Unexpected Reasons - Mei Mei Chu (award winning solo travel blogger)

If hotels were high school stereotypes, the Shangri-las would be the “rich kids of Instagram”, the budget hotels would be the “normies”  and the Lost Paradise Resort would be that artistic drama club kid who dresses funny.

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