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Royal King Suite

Our Royal King Suite, going by the name of 'Maharajah', is an expansive grand room fit for honeymooners, or larger families. Maharajah in the Indian Sanskrit language means "Great King".


The moment one enters into the Maharajah suite, one gets enveloped into different realm. The entrance welcomes you with majestic handcrafted wooden 'Geybok' East Javanese door, leading to the lush outdoor bathroom, with rain-showers and a bathtub. Everything is a feature here.



-The centre of the Suite lies the ‘piece de resistance’ which is a massive exquisitely carved wooden bed reputed from the Majapahit era

-For families, there is another family room which has 3 single beds. That room is beautifully designed to accommodate larger families


The Perfect Seaview

-Having the best vantage point in all of Lost Paradise, this suite boasts of 2 private balconies, one facing the gardens and Balinese ponds of Lost Paradise Resort, and the other facing the Andaman Sea in all of its glory. Catch the beautiful colours of sunrise from the spacious balcony, the first streaks of orange and vermillion glaze as the sun rises. Coupled with the sound of caressing waves the stay is truly an exhilarating experience.



-Consisting of 2 exquisitely designed bathrooms, with 2 large wardrobes, these are royal bathrooms fit for a king

-When it rains, experience the beauty of torrential waters streaming into the outdoor bathroom. In the heat of the mid-afternoon sun, see the area light up and reflect the sun's rays.


Extremely spacious, the Suite is 140 sqm large and has a living room, ensuite wardrobe, Balinese style open shower and an additional bedroom making it perfect for a family getaway.

 Sea View ⎮ 5 people 

Book with us directly for the best rates

*Prices are subject to availability and seasons

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