Royal Family Suite

Maharaja in the ancient Indian language means "Great King". The Royal Suite is a suite befitting a royalty. Extremely spacious, the suite have two rooms and cover a floor area of 1400 sq ft making it very conducive for a family staying together. The furniture are finely and tastefully crafted and imported from various countries while the furnishing are of superior quality. An exquisitely crafted bed, reputed to be from the Majapahit Era will certainly lull you into a good sleep. The suite has a king size bed and three single beds which have a splendid and marvelous view of the Andaman sea. From the balcony, you can watch the first streak of the sunrise and orange glaze of the sky as the sun rises. This coupled with the sound of caressing waves is truly an exhilarating experience.

RM980 ⎮ Seaview ⎮ 5 people

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260 Jalan Batu Ferringhi | Tanjung Bungah | Penang, Malaysia

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