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Superior Seafront Suite

This room is the literal definition of a ‘seafront’ experience. Nestled directly in front of the Andaman Sea, one cannot be any closer to the waves without actually being on it.


Hear the waves lapping at your doorstep, breathe in the scent of salt, admire the moon's reflection shimmering over the sea, and wake up to stunning sunrises. When the tides are right, throw a fishing line out your window for the thrill of a catch. 


But be warned. These seafront rooms are the only ones priced at RM 250/night for a reason.

Once in awhile, when there are extreme high tides, sea-water can enter the room! (this rarely happens, but it still can happen!); such close proximity to the water means that one can literally be woken up by the ocean. Sometimes, guests have even seen the waters in the toilet bowl lap in tandem with the high tide of the waves!


For some, these factors are a major setback. But for the thrill-seekers and nature lovers, it could be 'one hell of a ride', and a rather exciting and memorable one!


Being one of our more remote rooms, it is perfect those seeking peace and quiet but are still adventurous at heart.

If you want serenity at a budget with some potential adventure sprinkled in, the superior seafront suites are perfect for you!

Give us a call for more inquiries on these special rooms!

 Seafront ⎮ 2 people 

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